Program Overview

Applications for our sixth cycle are closed

The Full-Stack Developer certification by the ESA Coding Lab, is a full-time program, which covers a period of five months.


● Applications for our sixth cycle are closed



Successful candidates who complete the Full-Stack Developer program will receive two certifications:

An accredited certification from the ESA Business School

An international certification from ESIEE-IT France

What is required from you?

The Full-Stack Developer program by the ESA Coding Lab, is offered completely free of charge. Graduates are only required to pay their first month and a half salary to the ESA Coding Lab, once they find a job.


The Full-Stack Developer Program is a full-time program, covering a duration of five months.

The program and courses are as follows:


Introductory courses and overview (1 week)

M0S0: Soft Skills
M0S0: Web fundamental (architecture / protocols / systems / command line)
M0S0: Work environment of a web developer (IDE / Github…)
M0S0: Agile (methodology) – Project Management – Digital humanity
M0S0: Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Front-end development courses (4 weeks)

Red line: Conception and development of a  responsive online sale application
M1S1: Responsive mockup design (UX design, Figma, agile methodology, GIT)
M1S2: Fundamental of web front languages / HTML5
M1S3: Fundamental of web front languages / CSS3, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS
M1S4: Fundamental of web front languages / Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery

Back-end development courses (4 weeks)

Red line: Creation of a Backoffice for the online sale application
M2S1: Algorithmic bases
M2S2: Relational databases – MySQL
M2S3: Backend technologies – PHP programing
M2S4: Backend technologies – Javascript object oriented


Frameworks Back-End Development (3 weeks)

Red Line: Development of ecommerce website
M3S1: Non-relational databases – MongoDB
M3S2: Backend frameworks Node.js – Express.js / Advanced algorithm POO – API
M3: Authentication & Authorization (JWT) / Software Architecture 101

Frameworks Front-End Development (3 weeks)

Red line: Development of ecommerce website
M4S1: Modern frameworks frontends ReactJS – Node.js
M4S2: Advanced algorithm POO – API

Mobile Applications (1 week)

M5S1: Mobile applications PWA (Progressive Web Application)

Final Project (4 Weeks) / CERTIFICATION

Become a Full-Stack Developer now

The benefits and prospects of becoming a Full-Stack Developer

In today’s highly digitized and technology driven world, the demand for Full-Stack Developers is on the rise. Full-Stack Developers have diverse skillsets covering web and app development, that make them more versatile as professionals.

Here are four reasons to become a certified Full-Stack Developer: