Program Overview

Applications for our fifth cycle are closed
Apply now for our next cycle starting in April 2024

The Full-Stack Developer certification by the ESA Coding Lab, is a full-time program, which covers a period of four months.


● Applications for our fifth cycle are closed
● Apply to our next cycle starting in April 2024


Successful candidates who complete the Full-Stack Developer program will receive two certifications:

An accredited certification from the ESA Business School

An international certification from ESIEE-IT France

What is required from you?

The Full-Stack Developer program by the ESA Coding Lab, is offered completely free of charge. Graduates are only required to pay their first month salary to the ESA Coding Lab, once they find a job.


The Full-Stack Developer Program is a full-time program, covering a duration of four months.

The program and courses are as follows:


Introductory courses and overview (1 week)

M0S0: Soft Skills
M0S0: Web fundamental (architecture / protocols / systems / command line)
M0S0: Work environment of a web developer (IDE / Github…)
M0S0: Agile (methodology) – Project Management – Digital humanity
M0S0: Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Front-end development courses (4 weeks)

Red line: Conception and development of a  responsive online sale application
M1S1: Responsive mockup design (UX design, Figma, agile methodology, GIT)
M1S2: Fundamental of web front languages / HTML5
M1S3: Fundamental of web front languages / CSS3, Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS
M1S4: Fundamental of web front languages / Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery

Back-end development courses (4 weeks)

Red line: Creation of a Backoffice for the online sale application
M2S1: Algorithmic bases
M2S2: Relational databases – MySQL
M2S3: Backend technologies – PHP programing
M2S4: Backend technologies – Javascript object oriented


Frameworks Back-End Development (3 weeks)

Red Line: Development of ecommerce website
M3S1: Non-relational databases – MongoDB
M3S2: Backend frameworks Node.js – Express.js / Advanced algorithm POO – API
M3: Authentication & Authorization (JWT) / Software Architecture 101

Frameworks Front-End Development (3 weeks)

Red line: Development of ecommerce website
M4S1: Modern frameworks frontends ReactJS – Node.js
M4S2: Advanced algorithm POO – API

Mobile Applications (1 week)

M5S1: Mobile applications PWA (Progressive Web Application)

Final Project (4 Weeks) / CERTIFICATION

Become a Full-Stack Developer now

The benefits and prospects of becoming a Full-Stack Developer

In today’s highly digitized and technology driven world, the demand for Full-Stack Developers is on the rise. Full-Stack Developers have diverse skillsets covering web and app development, that make them more versatile as professionals.

Here are four reasons to become a certified Full-Stack Developer: