About the ESA Coding Lab

The ESA Coding Lab is a nationwide initiative to create computer coding schools across Lebanon. The aim of the initiative is to ensure high-quality education and hands-on training in the realms of coding and development are accessible and provide candidates with ample career prospects, in a highly digitized world.

The flagship full-time program offered by the ESA Coding Lab, enables candidates to become Full-Stack Developers in just four months. Upon the successful completion of the program, candidates will be dually certified from reputable entities in Lebanon (ESA Business School) and from France (ESIEE IT).

The ESA Coding Lab initiative is powered by an international partner network, who believe in the potential of Lebanon’s talent and the importance of Full-Stack Development programs that are more inclusive.

Our mission

Our mission is to create jobs in Lebanon. We are committed to equip qualified professionals across Lebanon with the required skillsets in coding and development, to become more competitive in the workplace, and transform organizations globally.

The Partner Network – powering the ESA Coding Lab

The unparalleled Full-Stack Developer program is powered by strong international partnerships and benefits from the expertise of experts in the fields of coding, technology and development.

Meet our partners

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) implements France’s policy on international development and solidarity. Through its financing of NGOs and the public sector, as well as its research and publications, AFD supports and accelerates transitions towards a fairer, more resilient world. It also provides training in sustainable development (at AFD Campus) and other awareness-raising activities in France.

With our partners, we are building shared solutions with and for the people of the Global South. Our teams are at work on more than 4,000 projects in the field, in the French Overseas Departments and Territories, in 115 countries and in regions in crisis. We strive to protect global public goods – promoting a stable climate, biodiversity and peace, as well as gender equality, education and healthcare. In this way, we contribute to the commitment of France and the French people to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Towards a world in common.

AFD is the main financial partner of the ESA Coding Lab.

ESIEE-IT is a leading engineering university, located in the Cergy-Pontoise area, North West of Paris, in France. Accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI), the university of digital expertise is part of CCI Paris Ile-de-France Education Group. The training courses offered by ESIEE-IT are operational and directly aligned with the growing demands and requirements of international companies.

One of its flagship projects, the Coding Factory, offers an innovative pedagogical approach, centered on the agile Scrum method, which fuses the technical aspects of coding, with a creative twist, to equip future developers with the skillsets they need to thrive.

ESIEE-IT is the main technical partner of the ESA Coding Lab. The organization is involved in the creation of the program and teaching methodologies.

The mission of the French Institute in Lebanon is to strengthen and promote cultural exchanges between France and Lebanon. The French Institute promotes French language and culture all over Lebanon through its 9 branches (Beirut, Tripoli, Jounieh, Deir El Qamar, Zahlé, Baalbeck, Saïda, Tyr and Nabatieh).

The French Institute in Lebanon – Nabatieh is the first to serve as an initial partner to the ESA Coding Lab. It was founded in 1996, serving as an assembly and asset for the Youth in Nabatieh and its surrounding area that seek to acquire or improve their linguistic and cultural knowledge.

This branch located in Nabatieh will welcome the initial class of students, as part of the ESA Coding Lab.

Established in 1996 following an intergovernmental agreement between France and Lebanon, ESA is a Business School dedicated to the education of executives and managers in Lebanon and the Middle East and managed by the Paris Ile-de-France Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Situated in the center of Beirut, and at the heart of the Middle East, ESA asserts its reach as an important international school, combining the talents of high-level learners and professors who rank among the world’s most preeminent specialists.

ESA Business School is responsible to coordinate the implementation of the ESA Coding Lab in Lebanon and manage its program.

Meet our recruiting partners

ESA Coding Lab is proud to have bridged strong partnerships within the ecosystem. Meet the companies supporting our program and recruiting fresh graduates from our network.

Meet our mentoring partner

ESA Coding Lab is proud to have bridged strong partnerships outside the ecosystem. Meet our mentoring partner that develops the soft skills of our students.